We are the first firm to offer a customize private wealth management solution in an automated client centered platform with a minimum account size of $25,000, normally available to investors with assets of $250,000K or greater. Our Private Wealth Management program is for the “Mass Affluent” investors (Main Street) and not just for accredited investors through traditional Wall Street firms.  To bring this to market we have partnered with Milwaukee Institutional Asset Management a division of Global Value Investment Corp’s as our sub-advisor to build customized portfolios guided by value-oriented investment principles.

Whether you are one of our individual investors, our accredited investors or Institutional investors, we will build you a customize portfolio guided by unique investment solutions.  MIAM plays a supporting role in the success of our clients and our business, enabling us to have a greater relationship and development with you the investor.

MIAM helps us to manage portfolios to meet the specific allocation required by our investors.  Our client mandates are typically Equity or Balanced – comprised of a 50/50 allocation.  The firm’s research analysts are available for one on one client meetings over the phone or in person as requested.  We will provide a written investment thesis summaries that are suitable for you the client along with supporting documentation that is periodically generated to provide updates on holdings.

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