Insurance Linked Securities:  We are the first firm to offer an ILS solution in an automated client centered platform through our strategic relationship with Pioneer Investments.  Finally, the “Mass Affluent” (Main Street) who do not have access to the same bankers that Warren Buffett has or major insurance companies, state municipalities or governments do, are now able to invest in these non-correlated total return type of funds with a minimum account size of $25,000k, instead of the normal account size of institutional investors with assets of $1 million or greater.

Insurance-Linked Securities (ILS) provide a unique opportunity to invest in an alternative
asset class that is uncorrelated with financial markets. ¹This may result in strong diversification benefits and an attractive risk-return profile. ²Further, we believe a portfolio construction approach that mimics the regional and peril exposure of the global reinsurance industry and that seeks to reduce adverse selection through a comprehensive due-diligence process can add value over a purely passive approach over time.


The Pioneer ILS Interval Fund pursues total returns that exceed those of a purely passive
approach with lower volatility. The Fund seeks to be highly diversified across reinsurance peril, geographic region and security type.

Distinguishing Features

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