We All Have Questions About Retirement
How long will I have to WORK?
Am I selecting the RIGHT INVESTMENTS?
WHAT WILL HAPPEN to interest rates?
Will SOCIAL SECURITY be there?
What will HEALTHCARE COSTS look like?

Face it. You’re on your own.                  

Your 401(k), 403(b), or 457 Plan may well be all you’ll have to retire on. And if you’re one of the 90% of defined contribution plan participants who don’t reallocate their retirement assets[1], what you have may not be enough.
You need a partner.
Look, we understand. You don’t have the time to manage every investment. That’s why you need a knowledgeable, trusted partner who can do it for you—someone who understands your goals, appreciates your dreams, and can help put you on the pathway to reaching them.

Introducing the Cyborg-Advisor’s On Plan Money Management Option.  Many people are not aware that there’s a powerful option inside most 401(k) plans that offers you more freedom with your investments. By utilizing Cyborg-Advisors On Plan Money Management platform to access your employers self directed brokerage (SDBA) option, you’re able to tap into the hidden potential of your retirement plan.
Here’s what we do:
Step 1: Professional Guidance from a Local Financial Advisor
Advisors offering our On Plan Money Management services understand that not all retirement plans are the same and can help you take advantage of its benefits. A local advisor is available to sit down and get to know you, your financial situation, your risk tolerance, and long-term goals.
Step 2: Offer you Options
Based on your specific situation, your advisor will help you choose the right investment strategy that is right for you, not just give you guidance and place you in a one-size-fit-all aged based target date option. This is a big difference from doing it yourself, calling the 800#, or sitting with the custodian representative because our advisor’s are Registered Independent Investment Advisers who are fiduciaries and are required to work for you.
Step 3: Enact Your Plan
Once you’ve chosen your personalized investment strategy, our advisors will work with the professional money management team available through your plan to put your plan into action. They’ll continuously monitor market conditions and re-balance your portfolio so it stays in-line with your risk/reward tolerance and long-term investment goals.

Best of all, your money stays in your existing employer retirement plan.
No money is ever taken out of your defined contribution plan. This means you not only continue to make regular contributions, you can make changes whenever you’d like to.


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