Finally! The first ever automated client centered platform
delivering Independent Professional Money Management for Your Retirement Account.
A qualified professional working for you to help you “Retire On Your Terms”

Our Mission:
To help all working Americans achieve financial freedom by bringing Wall Street to main street.  The major investment that most families have and in many cases the only investment is their assets within their employer sponsored retirement plan, be it a 401(k), 403(b) or 457 plan. In fact, it may well be all a person have to retire on. And if you’re one of the 90% of defined contribution plan participants who don’t reallocate their retirement account balances year over year¹, what you have may not be enough and it may not even be properly allocated to your specific risk tolerance, or designed to meet your specific goals & objectives.  We refer to this type of service as “On Plan Money Management”, which allows you to “Retire On Your Terms.”

[1]Source: ICI Survey of DC Plan Recordkeepers (2014)