“At the heart of Cyborg-Advisors philosophy is the human relationship
and the belief that technology and risk management are critical to understanding and managing assets, regardless of the investor profile.”

Our Mission:  Democratizing Wall Street – To give ACCESS to ALL!  By making available Best-in-Class financial services at very low industry-changing minimums to begin.  This starts with our commitment always to use non-proprietary fee-based products. Low, transparent fees, next-generation technology combined with active asset management and investment advisory services.  We refer to this as Intelligent Advice (IA)

Innovation + Technology + Humans = Intelligent Advice
Resulting in ACCESS FOR ALL! Not just the rich and ultra-rich.

National Christian Financial Advisors, Inc. (NCFA) is a minority-owned independent Registered Investment Advisory Firm. (RIA) Cyborg-Advisors is a division of NCFA.

All investment advisory services are offered through National Christian Financial Advisors, Inc.