Moneytopia – Since launching Cyborg-Advisors this past January, we have received nothing but great reviews and tremendous feedback. However, last month a group of investors, community conscience individuals and families challenged us when theysaid, “there are an enormous amount of individuals who do not know how to handle money”  To me and our team of financial experts this did not make sense because over 25 years we had donated financial literacy programs to school districts, held workshops around the country and offered various financial literacy programs throughout churches around the country and abroad.  Nevertheless, we decided to listen and get out of our proverbial “Box”.  Thus, taking on this financial literacy challenge that still exist in our society with intentionality to once and for all eradicate the lack of awareness of handling money regardless of age, color or economic demographics. To start I personally marshalled our team to find the resources through our office and the industry to come up with a solution. Below is what we believe is a great solution to help individuals better understand how to handle & manage money from a real world perspective.

Moneytopia is an immersive game that helps you learn more about managing your money while having fun.  If you ever played the game minecraft or something similiar then Moneytopia will be easy and equally enjoyable.  The loftier and more costly your big dream, the longer the game will last.  

Complete the form below to download game.  Happy learning and Playing!