Private Equity & Venture Capital
Getting You Closer To The Deal
Our Private Equity Team in Militello Capital has developed the investments to equip our Independent Registered Investment Adviser (RIAs) to be able to help change the conversation and modernize their clients’ and perspective clients portfolios.  Specifically, by providing a way for High Net Worth Accredited Investors like yourself to invest in Private Equity (PE) alternative investments for a minimum investment of $50,000 or more. Normally, Private Equity & Venture Capital are only available to insiders, and the ultra-rich for much higher minimums. That all changes through Cyborg-Advisors as we help you Get Closer To The Deal!

Private Real Estate As an Accredited Investor we know you Think beyond the stock ticker and therefore we look forward to bringing you true value opportunities in real estate. Utilizing demographic and market data and key performancemetrics, our PE team is identifying real properties, winning opportunities for you to invest in, while simultaneously helping bettering various communities.
Private EquityTo us, it’s more than funding it’s finding the right people and the right opportunity.  That’s where we make our difference. Our Private Equity team parnter with and invest alongside other brand name venture capital and Private Equity firms. Through the power of these relationships, our investors enjoy  the benefit of investing alongside smart money are invited to co-own stock with the best in the business. 

                           INVESTING IN THE SCARCE RESOURCES

We invest in the America that dreams big. Every building begins as an idea. Every technology, driven by a desire to innovate. To build wealth, the law of economics is clear, invest in that precious scarce resource.

Diligence and Transparency
The Militello philosophy is centered on diligence and transparency. We believe you should have open access and understand what is in each of our funds. No black boxes. No mystery. Just a full understanding of where your investments are going and how they are performing.

Open Access. The Militello philosophy is centered on diligence and transparency. We believe your investment should not be mysterious and you should never feel as though you’ve invested into a black box. We believe you should have open access and understand what is in each of our funds. In order to provide open access, we update investors periodically regarding their investment in the funds’ holdings. Our investors and registered investment advisors are encouraged to review these updates and to contact us with any questions that they may have.

Openness, Communication and Accountability.  Safekeeping of assets is paramount. Therefore, Militello utilizes a Qualified Third Party Custodian to ensure existence of your investment. The Qualified Third Party Custodian sends quarterly statements directly to every investor.  We employ a “trust but verify” approach.  In advance of making an investment, every opportunity undergoes our due diligence process without exception. Our due diligence process is something we are proud of and encourage you to review.

Keeping Tabs. We believe it’s critical to have insight into the performance of your investments. In order to provide insight we require our portfolio properties to share financial data with us on a regular basis.  Understanding the operating performance of our portfolio properties is an essential component in knowing whether our investments are tracking as expected. We believe that investors should not have to wait until the end of the year to know how their investments are performing.

Investments You Can Visit and Talk To.  Investments you can visit and investments you can talk to is not just a tag line.  We invite investors and registered investment advisors to accompany us on our regular fact finding visits to portfolio properties and companies.  Walk and inspect properties with us and get an inside understanding of the properties in our portfolio, how we monitor performance and what we look for in our investments.  Speak with CEOs of our portfolio companies and get a ground floor understanding of the ingenuity, innovation and disruptiveness they bring to the marketplace.  They are the deal and we want to bring you closer to them.