Cyborg-Advisors is the Next-generation automated clientcentered platform to empower individuals, families business owners and institutions to help achieve retirement and wealth creation goals while giving access to professional asset managers, which typically requires a person to have $250K or more to invest.  

Now, you are able to benefit from the Next–generation in automated client self-service combined with active asset management and investment advisory services all with a click of a mouse.

Since the beginning of time, banking, merchant banking, private equity, venture capitalist, hedge fund managers, investing, financial planning, insurance and all things financial services were created for the rich and ultra-rich.

These services allowed the connected to gain access to financial services that Main Street or the working class could not afford; or if they could, did not have access to benefit from them.  

Such services allowed these individuals and families to invest and realize potentially higher returns than traditional bank products, such as checking and savings accounts.  

It also gave them access to the brightest and bestinclass money managers, allowing them to grow their wealth, create industry products and services for consumers to buy, as well as, access to capital for new ventures.

Thus – the saying “The Rich Get Richer and The Poor Get Poorer”.  As a young boy growing up poor, I always heard this saying and from the time I was in junior high school I began to ask, “Exactly how do the Rich Get Richer?

Since then, I devoted my entire life to studying, researching and understanding this very thing, while also striving to break down barriers of access to bring such services to Main Street, while continuing to provide these services to my wealthy clientele.  

So, for the very first time in history, no longer are these services and products only available for the rich and connected’- they are now available to the “Whosoever” – through Cyborg-Advisors, the first ever automated clientcentered, fullservice investment advisory platform offering all things financial.  

Overtime, you will notice additional services and products offered on the platform with you the investor in mind, always putting your interest first, as there are NO Commissions on any products offered on this platform and there are NO proprietary funds.

Take a look at what is available to you right NOW!  Stick with us, tell a friend and together we will change the financial world because it will not change on its own!  While at the same time helping individuals, families and business owners gain access and achieve financial freedom without Hassle, High Commissions or Proprietary Products!