New Rules of Engagement  for 401(k) Success

Thanks in large part to the Pension Protection Act of 2006 (PPA), the most significant piece of legislation regarding retirement plans since ERISA in 1974, many employers, both public and private, have updated and ultimately enhanced their retirement plans unbeknownst to the vast majority of individual participants in the plan. As a result, thousands of plans now have:
            1) more investment choices & greater flexibility
          2) employers accountability to a fiduciary standard
          3) access to individual investment advice…finally!

As an industry leader in Brokerage Window Accounts, Cyborg-Advisors has partnered with local Independent Investment Advisor Representative to offer client solutions for retirement investing and your wealth accumulation goals & objectives.  Understanding and implementing them will help you plan and “Retire On Your Terms.”

The Three Distinct Phases of Retirement Investing:
Phase 1: Captial Accumulation
Phase 2: Capital Preservation
Phase 3: Capital Distribution

By incorporating both traditional and non-traditional asset classes via ETFs & Mutual Funds, our experienced team of managers mathematically & methodically builds and monitors portfolios that are focused on risk management. This time tested, dynamic asset allocation approach is well suited to navigate today’s exceedingly volatile financial markets.*

sdba*This is an educational piece it is not intended to be a solicitation.  Investing in any security involves a risk of loss and past performance doen’t guarantee future results.