“At the heart of Cyborg-Advisors philosophy is the human relationship
and the belief that technology and risk management are critical to understanding and managing assets, regardless of the investor profile.”

Our Mission:  Democratizing Wall Street – To give ACCESS to ALL!  By making available Best-in-Class financial services at very low industry changing minimums to begin.  This starts with our commitement to always use non-proprietary fee based products. Low transparent fees, next-generation technology combined with active asset management and investment advisory services.  We refer to this as Intelligent Advice (IA)

Innovation + Technology + Humans = Intelligent Advice
Resulting in ACCESS FOR ALL! Not just the rich and ultra-rich.

About Our Platform:
Welcome to Cyborg-Advisors! We built this Next-generation automated client-centered financial services platform to empower individuals, families, business owners and institutions – to help achieve retirement and wealth creation goals; while giving access to professional asset managers, for as little as $250.00 U.S. Dollars to start, which typically requires a person to have $250K or more to invest.

Now, you are able to benefit from the Next-generation in automated client self-service, combined with active asset management and investment advisory services – all with a click of a mouse. Most importantly, unlike Robos, if you desire a qualified independent registered investment adviser to help you along the way, for what’s next in your life after you achieve your goals – one is there for you. And yes, all for a very low and competitive fee.

How is it possible and what makes Cyborg-Advisors’ platform better than the old Robos?  Cyborg-Advisors uses Next-generation cutting edge technology, a state of the art proprietary Investor Metric Questionnaire™, which identifies a client’s risk tolerance, suitability, time-horizon, liquidity and goals & objectives.

Cyborg-Advisors allows perspective and current client(s), businesses and institutions the ability to benefit from the following: Account Aggregation, Analysis & Alerts keeping you the client “In the Now” versus the current backward looking performance reports – Most 1st generation Robos and traditional financial services firms use backward looking performance reports; i.e. monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or year-end reports – a feature in our opinion which is less important or plays a smaller role with investors because it is backward looking.

However, with our account aggregation, account analysis and alert features- a benefit offered through our firm’s comprehensive financial planning software “My Money Guide®”, clients now have the ability to receive continuous feedback or alerts on their total financial well-being. Such as: Analysis to show if you have enough cash flow to withstand a major negative market event; whether or not if you have enough cash to cover future expenses as a result of a job loss; whether or not if you have enough insurance to cover an untimely death. Thus, moving from the backward looking end of the month performance reporting. Based on feedback we received from clients they have said this is a game changer and a huge benefit to help them better manage their finances.

Financial Planning –  we offer the first ever turnkey automated client centered comprehensive financial planning platform.  Using our secure online comprehensive financial planning platform “Finance Logix”. These services are available for individuals, families and businesses, that includes personalized oversight and planning from a team of qualified Independent Registered Investment Advisers (RIA’s), Certified Financial Planners (CFP), Chartered Life Underwriters (CLU), Chartered Financial Consultants (ChFC), Certified Fund Specialist (CFS) and Retirement Income Specialist (RIS) all for a simple flat fee of $500.00 dollars – for  Comprehensive plans and $100.00 dollars for each module base plan without losing any of the professional expertise.   Most important, if you would like the help of a qualified professional along the way either by chat, online screen share or in person one is available with no extra cost or added fee. 

Business Owners & Institutions – Our platform has services for plan sponsors that is revolutionizing the way benefit managers and plan sponsors setup or manage their current retirement plans with a turn-key customize open architecture 401(k), 403(b), and 457 plan for a very low simple fee. And, yes finally, High Net Worth accredited investors are able to invest in alternative investments including: Private Equity, Venture Capital, Customized Private Wealth Management and Insurance Linked Securities, which are non-correlated with global equity & debt markets. Please visit the Plan Sponsor and/or the “HNW” section for more details.

Cyborg-Advisors is the Next–generation automated financial services platform!